The mentoring relationship is a key component of the Career Networks offering:

  • Students are paired with a mentor who works in an industry relating to their chosen Theme. They will have the same mentor for the duration of the programme (2 years.)
  • These individuals play a vital role in the personal, academic and professional development of our students during their Career Network journey
  • The face-to-face time commitment is minimal (1 x every 4-6 weeks, with email contact in between); but the potential positive impact of these relationships on our students is limitless
  • For many of our students, the interactions they have with their mentors are among the first they have had with business and other industry professionals.

A mentor is a student’s guide, sounding board and critical friend. As a mentor, you have a real chance to unlock a student’s potential and help them flourish as they start their journey from education to the workplace. Through sharing their own experiences, offering academic support and advice about the world of work, mentors contribute to students’ raised attainment levels, widened career aspirations and increased self-confidence.

In return, your employees can have the chance to develop their coaching skills and can start to spot future talent for your company.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please get in touch with us.