Jamie Spencer

I graduated from the Arts and Media theme at Haverstock in 2013. Since graduating I went on to do an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and securing a work placement with a private equity fund in the West End of London. 

 Since starting my apprenticeship with Cogress, I have secured a permanent position as the start-up company's Marketing Coordinator where my responsibilities include; social media management, website design & CMS (Content Management System), brand management, advertisement design as well as attending networking events and marketing seminars regularly.

 My experience in the arts & media theme was amazing to say the least. The time I spent in the Arts & Media theme not only provided me with the confidence needed to show initiative in a working environment, but also inspiration. There's nothing more inspiring than learning from the best, from the mentors and staff members who are in the job roles YOU aspire to be in, that have the lifestyle you want to live. 

 For me, the most important thing that the Arts & Media theme mentors, staff and colleagues made me realise is that it is possible to get to where you want to be, no matter who your are or where you're from.

 If you're thinking about joining any of the Haversack Career Network... Do it. You won't regret it!

2013 HCN Arts & Media Graduate