Sarah El-Assali

I graduated from the careers network (Arts & Media theme) in 2011. Since then I have gone into the course of BA Media and Communication and graduated from the university of the Arts with a 2:1.

I am now going to attend either UCL or Goldsmith university to continue studying media however focusing only on promotion media. The Masters I am going to undertake is a MA in PR, Advertising and Marketing. 

 If I'm totally honest I don't think I'd be where I am right now without the Arts & Media Theme, this is as it offered me invaluable experience at one of the worlds leading media firms, NBC Universal, and without it I don't think my personal statement or CV would stand out from the other students.

As well as offering real life experience in a media firm the Arts & Media theme also allowed me to be able to communicate, connect and network with a variety of people that are already where id like to be in the future. 

 The network encouraged me to come out of my shell at the time and I'm so grateful for that. It also provided me with little things that have affected me hugely since I've left, such as a mentor. 

 Additionally, If it wasn't for the HCN I wouldn't be familiar with the website linked in which has now provided me with an incredible amount of opportunities for my future. I am eternal grateful for being a part of the Arts & Media theme as not only did it help and guide me when I was In my first year of 6th Form but it continues to do so four years later. 

 2011 HCN Arts & Media Graduate