25 Dropbox volunteers from across the globe speed network with our new intake of HCN students.







On Thursday 19th October, the Haverstock School library was taken over by 25 Dropbox volunteers from around the globe, who took part in a speed networking event with all 46 students from our new HCN intake. Talk about a full house! 

Each student got to network with at least 5 different Dropbox staff, with conversation topics ranging from career aspirations to some seriously difficult ‘would you rather’ questions. The Dropbox volunteers came from a range of roles within the many employment opportunities that a firm such as Dropbox encompasses, which the students were delighted to learn about.

All students remarked on how useful the session was, and how surprised they were at how easy it was to speak to the volunteers (whom they initially thought would be very intimidating!). Particular mention was made on how the session was helpful in boosting students’ confidence and awareness of how to overcome setbacks in their careers.  

Volunteer feedback was overwhelmingly positive as well, with many remarking on how impressed they were at the levels of confidence and maturity displayed by students in their conversations; as well as surprise at how many students already had an idea of what they would like to do in the future.

Sincere thanks to Gazala, Helena and every one of our Dropbox volunteers for their time and efforts in helping make the event such a successful kick-off to the 2017 HCN event calendar!