What’s in it for you?

Your support is integral to ensuring we continue to be one of the best Career Ready providers in the UK. By becoming part of the HCN partner network, you could also see benefits within your own business.

Gain a new perspective

Our students are bright and enthusiastic individuals who are full of ideas that can help you to find new solutions.

“I have experienced how businesses can benefit from the HCN students – who bring fresh ideas, provide valuable insights into the youth market and help inspire existing employees.”
Gazala Haq, Dropbox

“Being involved with the HCN students and board has taught me to think differently in my approach to some of the things I do in my everyday work.”
Martyn Whistler, Lead Analyst, EY

Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Supporting the HCN is a fantastic chance to work with a diverse group of young people while enhancing your CSR activities.

“Olswang’s partnership with the HCN is an important part of our firm’s  commitment to be socially responsible in all that we do. We are proud of this relationship, and welcome the opportunities provided our staff to use their skills and expertise for positive impact on students’ lives.”
Linda Zell, Head of CR, Olswang

Create an affinity with your local community

Getting involved with the HCN is a great way to build relationships in your local area.

“At Santander we strive to be involved with our local communities and the HCN has provided us a great opportunity to do so. The students I have worked with have all been enthusiastic, capable young people – one of whom I currently employ full-time in my branch as a result of his successful internship.”
Anthony Alvarado, Branch Manager, Santander

Development opportunities for your existing employees Lectures and seminars can help your employee’s public speaking whilst mentoring offers opportunities to develop people management and leadership skills.

“Not only has running the internship programme and workplace skills workshops enabled my professional development within my firm, but it is truly energising – and fun! – to engage with the students. It's a fantastic way to give back to the community and get involved behind the 9 to 5.”
Chloe French, McKinsey